Thursday, June 20, 2013

This is a blog about my sewing journey and a little more.

Hello all, My name Awilda. Lately my shopping experiences haven't been too much fun. I spend too much time trying on items and still end up with things I don’t really like or fit well. This is why I've decided that I would teach myself to sew and found out it is easier said than done. I come from a family of sewing enthusiasts but unfortunately it doesn't come natural to me. I did try it back in high schools many, many, many years ago. During the past several years the urge to sew has resurfaced several times and I've taken a couple of sewing courses. Still I consider myself a novice. This is the beginning of my sewing journey. Feel free to join me and share your sewing stories. Sewing is an art that brings people of all levels together. Let us use this journey to learn from each other. That being said my first project is a tunic from a New Look pattern that I've had for a very long time. The fabric is Crepe.  See picture.

The New Look pattern is an easy pattern that I didn't find very easy. It required a side zipper which I omitted since I am not ready to tackle a zipper especially on this light weight fabric. The long darts on the back confused me a bit, but thanks to a sewing buddy she showed me what I did wrong and I was able to create the darts. As soon as I finish the hem I will post

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